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RTC360 Support

With the introduction of the Leica RTC360, users can now leverage the scanners smart scan data.

  • The RTC360 scanner is equipped with advanced on-board sensors, such as motion tracking cameras, known as the Visual Inertial System (VIS), INS, GPS, compass, and altimeter to automatically track the location of the scanner. Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS uses the information obtained from this Setup tracking system to automatically align scans collected via RTC360.

  • The smart scan data from RTC360 together with on-the-field processing capabilities of Cyclone FIELD 360 lets users to reduce processing time by taking advantage of the RTC360’s on-board processing power.

Note: Cyclone FIELD 360 is a mobile app for RTC360 scanner control, data management, quality control, data tagging, and on-site registration.

  • RTC360 data can be imported by dragging the folder that includes the project.rtc360 file and the Job folder to the Import area, or using the Browse File command. However, data from RTC360 and Cyclone FIELD 360 activate new auto-registration options, multimedia, metadata, and geo-location information.

  • Individual RTC360 Job folders can be imported using the Drag-and-Drop functionality.

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