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Import Directly from BLK360 G1

Connect to the BLK360 G1 device wirelessly (via any Wi-Fi network) or through the additional LAN USB-C adapter to download, manage scans, and set capture settings. Select the data sources for import and click Add to Project.

Scan Density

Low-Medium-High for scan density.

Image Option


Image EV 

Set the exposure from +5 to -5 (the higher the setting the more light allowed).

Sync Time

Match the time of the BLK360 G1 imaging scanner to the local time of the connected computer.


There is an option in the BLK360 G1 settings dialog for emissivity to help users fine-tune the accuracy of the relative temperature gradient displayed downstream. The user can select a setting between 0 and 1. The emissivity of the surface of a material is its effectiveness in emitting energy as thermal radiation. Thermal radiation is electromagnetic radiation and it may include both visible radiation and infrared radiation, which is not visible to the human eye. The emissivity of a surface affects how accurately the IR sensor in the BLK360 G1 can record a surface temperature. The emissivity setting allows the user to set a value for the emissivity of the surface being scanned. Please refer to the BLK360 EmissivityGuide.pdf in the install directory for details on emissivity and a guide for determining the appropriate emissivity setting based on capture conditions.

Note: Use the Shift key to multi-select scans in the main dialog.

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