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Export BLK Kinematic Data to E57 with WayPoints and Images

The E57 exporter in Cyclone REGISTER 360 supports exporting of BLK kinematic data, i.e., BLK2GO, BLK2FLY, and BLK ARC, with WayPoints and rectified images. This feature was previously available only in the CLI tool b2g2trajectory, but now it can be accessed from the program interface from the Report | Publish Options.

This improvement applies to all registrations in Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS that have BLK kinematic data. It also allows exporting separate Setups, in addition to a single point cloud or unified point cloud.

As an example, to export a Bundle that has BLK2GO and RTC360 data, the following steps can be followed:

  1. In the Report area, select Export Options for E57 and choose Separate Setups.

  2. If a WORLFLOW license is available, the exported file will include the additional WayPoints and rectified images from the BLK2GO Setups, as well as the regular RTC 360 data export.

 This feature enhances the functionality and flexibility of exporting BLK kinematic data.

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