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(2023.0.2) Set UCS by Pick

By Pick will allow the location of a pick point on the point cloud to adopt the coordinate set by the user, then optionally, the user can create a plane to set the X or Y-axis.

  • Name the UCS.

  • Select UCS creation method By Pick.

    • Enter coordinates of point identified in the next step.

  • Then, in the main viewer, double-click the desired point in the cloud to set a vertex.

  • This vertex will have coordinates entered.

  •  At this point the Create button can be clicked and the point cloud’s coordinate system will be set from the vertex (5000,5000,100):

  • Optionally, a plane can be created to represent either the X or Y axis.

  •  A plane can be created from the whole wall or just a part of the wall

Note: Limiting the area is useful for plane creation to valid data only.

  • To limit the area of the plane, draw a fence around an area on the wall to highlight the area:

  • Optionally, select Set X/Y Axis by plane.

  • Double click a wall to create plane and the planer region grower will create a plane.

  • Single click the plane to set the positive direction as shown by an arrow in the image above.

  • Once completed click Create to create the UCS.

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