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(2023.0.2) Publishing to TruView Enterprise, Cloud and Local

There are a number of options that can be set when publishing to TruView Enterprise, Cloud and Local. Adjusting these settings can speed up the publishing of data to these platforms.

TruView Image Resolution

Allows the user to specify the export Image resolution of the TruView.

TruView Local

Creates a self-contained TruView site compatible with the TruView ActiveX plugin for Internet Explorer.

TruView Enterprise

(Formerly known as TruView Global) Creates a .tvg file for upload to TruView Enterprise or TruView Cloud.

TruView Cloud

Leica TruView is the industry leader for easily and intuitively sharing point cloud data, design models, mark-ups, and more. Leica TruView products are the smarter way for anyone in your project ecosystem to access, view, analyse and collaborate using digital reality data.

Publishes the project directly to your TruView Cloud account.

  • Select portal to publish directly to the selected portal.

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