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(2023.0.2) Link Settings

Target Options

Max Target Error

This setting controls the maximum allowed error when links are created.

Auto Sphere Target Diameter

When using Spheres as targets, this number should match the diameter of those targets.


The Links tab allows you to customize your error thresholds for Links. You can adjust what levels of error will be represented by your green/yellow/red links. Both ‘Maximum error' and 'Minimum overlap’ values must be achieved for the link to be colored. By default, these will be set to 15 and 20mm respectively.

Additional Options

Always bundle-optimize upon link creation

This is on by default. On some large registrations, turning the optimization off can save time when editing\creating many links. The optimization can be delayed until the user clicks the Optimize Bundle button.

Advanced Optimization

If a bundle has less than 500 links this option does not change any optimization processes. If a bundle has more than 500 links and the option is checked, when a user adds or modifies a link, Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS will perform a local optimization instead of a full global optimization. This option makes adding or modifying links in a large bundle faster by optimizing links in a local area around the modified or added link.

When finished adding or modifying links, the option can be unchecked. When the bundle is optimized the bundle will go through a full global optimization.

Allow link creation across SiteMaps in the import area

This is off by default. If turned on, Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS will try to form one bundle from all the setups in all SiteMaps in the import area. You cannot create links between SiteMaps however, this simply allows the program to consider all setups when trying to form one bundle.

Snap Bundles to applied control location in SiteMap

All bundles applied to the same control snap into position in the SiteMap.

Example workflow:

  • Apply control to Bundle one.

    • It will snap into position according to the control coordinates.

  • Apply the same control to Bundle 2.

    • It will also snap into position according to the control coordinates.

The user can determine the maximum number of suggested links created automatically after Visual Alignment on a selected bundle. This is very helpful on large bundles where there can be hundreds of suggested links. The user may make more than 5,000 links at once saving considerable time.

Link Creation Criteria

Users have control over the automatic and semi-automatic creation of links by setting a Maximum error and minimum overlap value for Cloud-to-Cloud link creation. This setting allows users to ensure that only links of a certain quality are being created.

Maximum Error

This sets the maximum cloud-to-cloud error allowed during link creation and modification.

Minimum Overlap

This sets the minimum amount of overlap required during link creation and modification.

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