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(2023.0.2) Creation of E57 files for ReCap

This publishing option will create E57 files with images that are supported in ReCap. Since ReCap has a unique way of creating panoramic Images, users should only use this option if the intended destination of the E57 files is ReCap.

ReCap uses both point clouds and image pixels to create a panorama. Because of this, E57 files can be significantly larger than a normal E57 file that supports images resulting in longer publishing times.

If the point cloud density is low and the image resolution is high, the file size can be significantly increased when using this option. Typically E57 files created from the RTC360 show a smaller file size increase, but E57 files created from the BLK360 (which have lower-resolution scans and higher-resolution images) can show a significant file size increase.

Note: This option should only be used to create E57 files for ReCap. Leaving this option on for other destinations can cause issues.

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