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(2023.0.2) Backup/Archive File Format from Cyclone FIELD 360

As of the release of Cyclone FIELD 360 v 4.1, Cyclone FIELD 360 will be able to export a backup/archive file for Jobs. The new file format is *.faf.

The format can be imported into Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS like any other scanner format. Each *.faf file can contain a Job. The *.faf format has the same support as a direct connection to the Tablet, supporting links, and all assets.

The new format can be used as a backup and/or to clear Jobs off the tablet without having to import into Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS first.

The recommended workflow is to export Jobs to the new *.faf format and then import the *.faf directly into Cyclone FIELD 360.

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