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(2023.0.1) Master SiteMap

The master SiteMap is a SiteMap that contains an image that can be used to link to other SiteMaps within a scene in TruView. A Master SiteMap can be used to help navigate complex scenes with multiple SiteMaps. The master SiteMap only contains an image with hyperlinks, no setups or links. The Master SiteMap can only be created and configured in the finalize section of Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS and requires two or more SiteMaps to be used.

Use of the Master SiteMap is not supported in TruView Local: TruView Local supports one SiteMap with one bundle.

Step 1: Create Multiple SiteMaps.

In the Review and Optimize Section, click Add SiteMap then drag and drop setups into a new SiteMap or multiple new SiteMaps.

Step 2: Add a Master SiteMap

In the finalize section, click Add Master SiteMap and select an image.

Select SiteMap Hyperlinks then Create Hyperlink, and define the clickable hotspot of a SiteMap using the mouse to draw a closed polygon. Then, select the SiteMap (that the hotspot links to) from the drop down list. Optionally, click Alternate Colors to alternate colors between different hyperlinks for increased clarity.

Select the Master SiteMap from the sidebar before defining the hyperlinks.

Step 4: Link to All SiteMaps

Repeat Step 3 for all SiteMaps to create one Master SiteMap with hyperlinks to all sub-SiteMaps.

Click Navigation to test the hyperlinks.

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