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(2023.0.1) LGS Files

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS supports the publishing of LGS files, Leica Geosystems’ universal HDS digital reality file. LGS files contain all project information in a single-file solution for downstream consumption in all Leica Geosystems HDS software. The LGS file is perfect for storage and transfer between all Leica Geosystems’ HDS software products. The LGS file is a true single file, to simplify file sharing.

Publishing of LGS files requires a Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS or Cyclone WORKFLOW License .

LGS files can be consumed by Cyclone, TruView Enterprise and Cloud, JetStream Enterprise, TruView Desktop (formerly JetStream Viewer), CloudWorx plugins, Cyclone 3DR, IMS Map360 and some powered by JetStream products to allow for seamless data migration between the Leica Geosystems HDS software products. With the LGS file, users can access all their digital reality data, anywhere, with a single file.

Users may choose to publish an LGS file with or without a point cloud. When publishing specifically and only for consumption in TruView Enterprise or Cloud, it is recommended that the LGS file be published without the point cloud to reduce file size and prevent extended upload times.

Export Options

After selecting the file location for the LGS file, the Export Options button becomes active and is used to set LGS export options:

  • Set project name

This is the name that will show for the project in the supporting downstream programs.

  • Include Point cloud data

This option is used to include or not the point cloud data.

  • Allow TruView Measurements

    • Fast upload to TVC and TVE

    • Smaller LGS project file size

    • Faster publishing in general

The default to set to export TruView measurements. Exporting without TruView measurement support has the following benefits if measuring in TruView is not required:

The option is in the export dialogs for TruView Cloud, TruView Enterprise and LGS:

  • Include Pano Images

  • This option is used to include or not the panoramic images.

  • Pano images resolution (1K-5K)

5K panoramic images are not support for TruView Local (Active X)

  • Protect with Password

Once set, the password is irretrievable. If the password is lost there is no way to open the file or find out what the password was. A new file will have to be published with a known password.

LGS File Structure

LGS files may contain the following information based on the hardware used for data capture and the user’s publishing settings.

Project Metadata

  • Name

  • Thumbnail

  • Coordinate system

  • Publish date

  • Creator/Company info

  • Number of SiteMaps

  • Number of points

  • Number of setups

  • Imagery metadata and #s

Project SiteMaps + Metadata

  • SiteMap image(s)

  • Hyperlinks (between SiteMaps)

  • Setups

Project Setups + Metadata

  • Name

  • Timestamp

  • Targets + metadata

  • RGB pano imagery

  • HDR pano imagery

  • Intensity Hue pano imagery

  • Intensity Grayscale pano imagery

  • Modeled Geometry pano imagery

  • IR pano imagery

  • IR temperature scale

Point Cloud + Metadata

  • RGB colors

  • HDR colors

  • Intensity Hue colors

  • Intensity Grayscale colors

  • UCS

  • Clips

  • Limit Boxes

GeoTags + Metadata

  • 3D position

  • Type

  • Category

  • Label

  • URL

  • Timestamp

  • Associated assets (e.g., images, PDFs, videos, audio, etc.)

Control + Metadata

  • Control files

Assets + Metadata

  • Files

  • Images

  • Views

  • Slices

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