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(2022.1.0000) Filtering Settings

Filter setting for RTC360 and P-Series scanners

The default is Medium for mixed-pixel settings. For most uses, these values should not be changed.

Remove intensity-overloaded points

Points that have an intensity or reflectiveness higher than a certain level which varies depending on the scanner used. This can be seen if the surface is a mirror, or is very close to the scanner.

Remove ambiguous points

Points that are between two different surfaces. This can be seen if the laser hits the edge of a chair and the wall behind it, the returned signal will have an average time of flight somewhere between the two surfaces and will look like the point is floating in the air.

Remove Mixed Pixels

As the measurement laser beam crosses edges and other discontinuities, the laser is reflected from different surfaces at the same time, resulting in a measured range which is a mixture of the observed ranges. You may adjust how many mixed pixels are removed by setting the Mixed Pixel Filter Slider to either Low, for a small rate of removal, Medium, the default, or High, for a high rate of mixed pixel removal. Depending on the circumstance and user preferences, retaining more (or fewer) mixed pixels can help resolve the geometry of some objects, particularly at the edges.

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