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2022.1.1 | Supported File Formats

NOTE: when importing unstructured data, Auto Cloud and Auto Target are not supported.

Binary Point Clouds

  • .e57

  • .ptg

  • .rcp Import

  • LAS

Control File (*.txt)Format:

  • Point number

  • Northing

  • Easting

  • Elevation

  • Comment

Image Formats

  • .bmp

  • .jpeg

  • .png

Scanner Formats

Leica HDS

NOTE: Cyclone REGISTER 360 (BLK Edition) only supports BLK* scanners

  • BLK360

  • BLK360 G1



  • BLK2GO

  • C- Series

  • P- Series

  • RTC360

  • LGS projects

  • Pegasus (MMS) mobile data


  • .fls

  • .fpr

  • .fws

  • Faro Raw


  • .zfc

  • .zfs

  • .zfprj


  • .ptx

  • .PTS

  • .txt

Import Device-based LiDAR datavia Cyclone FIELD 360

Users can import LiDAR data captured directly on a LiDAR compatible device (ex iPhone 13 Pro) via Cyclone FIELD 360. These on-device LiDAR scans can be collected either to gap fill in TLS projects or standalone.

No special import steps or settings are required to import this new data type.

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