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2022.1.1 | Publishing to JetStream Enterprise and Local

Checking the JetStream Enterprise box in the Publish Options panel, publishes the project to your JetStream Enterprise server on your local network. There are a wide range of options to adjust the parameters of the publishing event.

Export Options:

The Export Options button is used to set JetStream export options:

  • Set project name

    • This is the name that will show for the project in the supporting downstream programs.

  • Include Point cloud data

    • This option is used to include or not the point cloud data.

  • Allow TruView Measurements

    • enabling TruView Measurements ensures that if the project is exported from a JetStream Enterprise server as an LGS file, that it can be added to TruView Enterprise or Cloud and will support measurement.

    • The default to set to export TruView measurements. Exporting without TruView measurement support has the following benefits if measuring in TruView is not required:

      • Fast upload to TVC and TVE

      • Smaller LGS project file size

      • Faster publishing in general

The option is in the export dialogs for TVC, TVE and LGS:

  • Include Pano Images

    • This option is used to include or not the panoramic images.

  • Pano images resolution (1K-5K)

  • Protect with Password

Once set, the password is irretrievable. If the password is lost there is no way to open the file or find out what the password was. A new file will have to be published with a known password.

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