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2022.1.1 | Option to create single point cloud when creating a Finalized Registration

By default, Cyclone REGISTER 360 spends time creating a single point cloud from the setups in a registration. This single point cloud is needed for exporting to LGS, JetStream Enterprise, Cyclone ENTERPRISE, PTS, RCP Cloud and unstructured E57.

If exporting to structured E57, PTX, PTG or RCP Setups there is no need to create a single point cloud.

There is now an option to not create the single point cloud and is located in Settings:

If uncheck, Cyclone REGISTER 360 will create a Finalized Registration without a single point cloud, saving time, for export of structured E57, PTX, PTG or RCP Setups.

  • If a Finalized Registration is created without a single point cloud and an export is selected that requires a single point cloud (LGS, JetStream, Cyclone ENTERPRISE, RCP Cloud or PTS) then Cyclone REGISTER 360 will create one.

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