Create point cloud during finalized registration creation.

Upon creation of a finalized registration, this option controls if a point cloud is created during this step.

If not selected, it will save some time during the creation of finalized registration, and the point cloud will be created later during export or publish options.

Export cleaned point cloud for E57, PTG, PTX, and RCP formats.

If not selected this will export the entire point cloud, ignoring all visual cloud editing.

Export panoramic scan with panorama export.

When exporting Pano images with the check box selected, a picture with intensity is created as well as the RBG picture.

Export structured E57 in compatibility format.

This option is to be compatible if the e57 is to be imported into Faro Scene. The exported e57 will resample the points to an ideal grid and eliminate the overlap region.

Note: This should not be selected unless exporting for Faro Scene.

Delay Report creation until finalized registration creation.

Upon Finalization of a point cloud the user is brought to the Report tab. If the box is selected, the report will not be created until the user selects Publish. If the box is not selected, a report will be generated when Finalize is selected.