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(2022.0.0) Post-Installation System & Network Configurations

Licensing via Leica CLM

For instructions, please see section Installing Leica CLM and licensing.Port Configurations


Port Configurations

The default port number is 5050; however, the customer can change it to other ports by editing the configuration file. By default, the configuration file is named “config.json” and is located on “C:\Program Files\Leica Geosystems\Cyclone Enterprise\Production”. See section Setting up HTTPS connection for Cyclone ENTERPRISE for more information on changing port settings.


Note:  It is strongly recommended to allocate a dedicated machine for Cyclone Enterprise server to reduce the possibility of port number collision.


Firewall Rules

Firewall settings are required for all server machines.

  • Cyclone ENTERPRISE needs sets of firewall rules to allow required traffic by the program.

  • Cyclone ENTERPRISE's installer changes Windows firewall settings to allow inbound traffic on ports 804435050 for both TCP and UDP.

  • If the user modifies the port numbers, user must also update the Windows firewall rules to match the modified ports.



Configuring Server Storage Locations

Each of the following storage locations utilized by Cyclone ENTERPRISE for different tasks. 

The storage location can modified within the "config.json" file in the "C:\Program Files\Leica Geosystems\Cyclone ENTERPRISE\Production" folder.

Specifying the Project Upload Temporary Storage Folder

When a project is being imported into Cyclone ENTERPRISE, via any of the methods available, data is temporarily placed in the "uploads" folder identified in the "config.json" file. Once the upload is complete, the project is moved to the correct Storage Location defined by the user during import.


Note: At least one Storage Location must be set before any imports can take place. Please see the section Storage Locations for more information on how to do this, but upon initial login the root user will be prompted to set the Storage Location(s).


User may add the Storage location from Server | Administration | Storage Locations

Specifying the Project Publish Folder

The Upload and Export locations are set in "C:/ProgramData/Leica Geosystems/Cyclone ENTERPRISE/" .


When a user publishes an LGS file of a Cyclone ENTERPRISE project, Cyclone ENTERPRISE will create the LGS file and store it in the folder identified in the "export" path of the config.json file.

Published LGS files are saved here until users or admins delete them (via the browser-based UI or access the server storage folder directly).

These addresses can be modified from the “config.json” file in “C:/Program Files/Leica Geosystems/Cyclone Enterprise/Production” folder.


Specifying the Server Resources Folder

The Server Resource folder location is set to"C:/ProgramData/Leica Geosystems/Cyclone ENTERPRISE/Resources" by default.

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