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(2022.0.0) Customization

Cyclone ENTERPRISE allows for the customization of the following information from Server | Customizations.

  1. Owner’s Home URL Address for Cyclone ENTERPRISE

  2. Owner’s Privacy Policy URL Address (for example: )

  3. Owner's name

  4. Owner’s Email Address

  5. Owner’s Phone Number

  6. Owner’s Address

  7. Use Customized Logo


Setting Cyclone ENTERPRISE URL

Click on the “Edit” icon, enter your Cyclone ENTERPRISE URL and click “Accept”. The “Undo” command recovers the previous value. 

Setting Privacy Policy URL 

Click on the “Edit” icon, write down your Policy URL and click “Accept”. The “Undo” command recovers the previous value.

Setting Company's Contact Information

Replace the Cyclone ENTERPRISE logo on the login screen with a PNG or JPG image of your choice. Click on the “Edit” icon for each field, enter the appropriate information for each of the fields and click “Accept”. The “Undo” command recovers the previous value.

  1. Enable the customized logo feature with the on/off toggle 

  2. Click on “Add/Replace Logo” to add your company logo. The image can be a maximum size of 250 x 250 pixels.

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